Mechanical Technology, Incorporated

Lines of Business

Mechanical Technology Incorporated (MTI) has a comprehensive array of technologies to solve complex problems in numerous industries, including manufacturing, electronics, semiconductor, solar, aviation, automotive and data storage. With its recent cryptocurrency business unit, EcoChain, MTI is evolving its path to growth.

MTI Instruments

Precision Measurement Solutions

Cutting edge instrumentation and rotating machine balancing equipment.

MTI Instrument’s vibration and displacement measurement instruments are used all over the world to solve complex problems and create technologically advanced industrial products.

EcoChain Mining​

Green Energy Powered Cryptomining​

MTI Partners with Soluna, to form EcoChain

EcoChain’s mission is to develop a network of cryptocurrency mining operations powered by 100% renewable energy.  At the same time, MTI made a strategic investment in Soluna, a leader in the development of vertically-integrated mining operations that combine renewable development projects with their own offtaker focused on cryptocurrency mining.


Soluna is led by seasoned technology entrepreneurs and energy professionals. In addition, EcoChain signed an exclusive operation and management agreement with Soluna. Under this agreement, Soluna will source and operate EcoChain’s first facility.

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