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Project Anaconda

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Project Anaconda will be a 25 MW facility located in Kentucky. Part of MTI’s next wave of higher power density mining profitability.

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Project Anaconda Timeline

Mechanical Technology Incorporated (MTI) is progressing rapidly in its development of a second cryptocurrency mining facility within its portfolio.  This location will increase MTI’s opportunity to generate additional cash flow with higher power density facilities like Project Anaconda at the forefront.

Project Anaconda

August 20 2021

Timelapse of Initial MDC Assembly

Here’s a timelapse showing how quickly a team can build an MDC on-site. They bolt together in hours.

August 18 2021

Time to go Vertical

The parts arrived on a flatbed, and then its time for assembly.

August 14 2021

Spin up the Factory!

Our factory in Kentucky started pre-fabricating our buildings, saving an incredible amount of time on site while increasing the precision and quality of the buildings.

August 10 2021

Concrete Jungle

Once the trenching and conduit was installed, it was time for concrete.

July 11 2021

Trenching and Concrete Video

Here’s a video giving you a quick tour of the site where you can see completed switchgear and transformer pads, as well as the trenching for the pads in progress.

July 9 2021

Time to go Underground!

In early July, we started with trenching the site.  This included trenching for all of the electrical and IT distribution.

June 8 2021

Some Fresh Renders!

As we progressed on the design, we generated more renderings.

May 5 2021

Initial Site Work Begins

Once we had the green light on permits and design, we began the initial sitework. This included clearing the site, adding a few roads and having surveyors come out and install stakes as defined in the layout.

April 6 2021

Site Layout Complete

In April we had finalized the overall dimensions of the MDCs, and finished the thermal simulations of the site. This allowed us to optimize the site layout and seek permits.  We also generated our first site render.