The 1960’s

MTI Incorporated and Launches Turbomachinery Business


Invented helium blower with gas-lubricated bearings

  • MTI’s first proposal, submitted to the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories in 1962, outlined plans for the development of a helium blower with hydrodynamic, gas-lubricated bearings.
  • By 1966 MTI had developed and produced more gas-lubricated turbomachinery than all other US industrial corporations combined and was winning 80% of the contracts on which it bid.
  • The Hydresil Fluid-Film Foil Bearing, introduced in the late 60s, represented a significant improvement over rigid-film bearings because of its tolerance of temperature extremes and suitability for gas, liquid or mixed-phase applications.

Introduction of vibration and displacement measurement instruments

  • In 1964, the Instruments division was spun off and introduced the Fotonic Sensor, a noncontact fiber-optic instrument used for measuring vibration or displacement to millionths of an inch.