Mechanical Technology, Incorporated

The 1990’s

MTI Partners to Develop Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Instruments Products Used on Space Shuttle

Plug Power

Instruments Division’s Fotonic Sensor used for Space Shuttle
  • In 1990, a version of the Fotonic Sensor was developed for use on the Space Shuttle. Customer Rockwell International said the sensor achieved flawless performance on the engine test stand.
  • The Instruments Division also eventually included the Accumeasure line, which uses capacitance to measure extremely small amounts of displacement. This continues to be one of the key product family offerings at our MTI Instruments subsidiary today with application in industries ranging from tires to computer disk-drives.
MTI teams with Detroit Edison to develop Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • With the metallurgical and energy conversion technologies developed for Stirling Cycle machinery in hand, the company pursued advanced research in the field of hydrogen fuel cells. It later teamed with Detroit Edison Electric Company to establish a joint venture called Plug Power to develop advanced fuel cell systems for residential and distributed energy applications.

Plug Power spun off with IPO

  • In 1999, MTI spun off its Plug Power subsidiary in a successful IPO underwritten by Goldman Sachs and with investments by Southern California Gas Co. and GE Power Systems. Plug Power continues to operate today with significant sales of highly efficient hydrogen fuel cells for warehouse vehicle mobile applications.

MTI allies with SatCon Technology Corp on Alternative Energy

  • MTI forms strategic alliance with SatCon Technology Corp, a manufacturer of power and energy management products for the telecommunications, semiconductor and aircraft industries