Mechanical Technology, Incorporated

The 2010’s

MTI Advances Instruments Division with Laser and Capacitance Measurement Advances



MTI Instruments continues test and measurement innovations with laser measurement, Accumeasure D and thin capacitance probes:
  • In 2011, MTI Instruments Inc. launched a new line of products, including Pro-2D laser triangulation scanners which provide high speed profile, displacement and dimensional information using state of the art optical design. In 2015, it introduced the Microtrak4 laser, specifically designed to target larger-volume automated assembly operations where higher data speeds, digital output and ease of integration is required.
  • In 2013, MTI Instruments introduced the Accumeasure D series of products which established a new benchmark for performance for ultra-precise linear displacement measurement systems.
  • In 2016, MTI Instruments introduced a paper thin capacitance probe that is non-magnetic which allows it to conform and be bonded in a thin gap and provide accurate measurement within surrounding magnetic fields.  This and the Accumeasure D are designed to measure and monitor gaps in high power generators, wind turbines and other auxiliary equipment.